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* BHFN Post Secondary Education Funding Application posted located at bottom of page (Click highlighted file)
* Release Of Academic Information Form posted below funding application located at bottom of page. (Click highlighted file)

 Beverly Perreault is our Education Counsellor and manages all programs and funding for all our students as well as the After School and New Paths Programs. Beverlyhas extensive knowledge in the education areas.


Education Counsellor, Beverly Perreault                              Aboriginal Student Support Worker-Elementary, Jennifer Wesley

Phone: (705) 864-0174 Ex.211                                                 Phone: (705) 864-0174 Ex.211   

Fax: (705 )864-1960                                                                  Fax: (705)864-1960

Email:                                         Email:


Dear Student,

Enclosed you will find an application and consent for Post-Secondary funding.

You are required to send a copy of your status card (front and back), high school diploma and transcripts (if applicable) along with the application.  Should you be graduating from high school and have not yet received your diploma, please send a copy, once received, as soon as possible.

Due to the number of requests for Post-Secondary funding and the limited amount of education dollars, if was determined that you also send in two (2) reference letters and /or of copy of your resume.  The reference letters can be from former teachers, employers, or someone who can attest to your sincerity and potential for success in your educational commitment.

The following is the deadline for the enrolment dates:

September enrolment ? June 1  January enrolment ? October 1

After completion, please mail or fax the application to the Education Department. If faxing the application, please mail the originals.

Should you require further information, please contact the Education Department toll-free at 1-800-663-1285, direct at 1-705-864-0174 or via email at 



Bev. Perreault,OCT

Education Director

Encl. Funding application
         Release of Academic Information 


Wabun Tribal Council Scholarship Fund


BHFN Post Secondary Application
File: BHFN Post Secondary Application.pdf

Release Of Academic Information Form
File: Release of Academic Info.Blank.pdf

Aboriginal Student Support Worker: Jennifer Wesley
File: ASSW Position - Jennifer Wesley.tif


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