Message from the Chief

Here are some of the highlights of my 1st Term as Chief here at Brunswick House First Nation. (2yrs)

* Signed 8 Joint Venture agreements with major resource development companies

* Advanced Child Welfare and facilitated a traditional adoption of one of our children to their aunt

* Advanced a regional project with the other local First Nations on Forestry related initiatives

* Selected to participate on 3 Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN) Chiefs committees; Treaty, Education, and Ontario Works

* Helped to develop a Traditional Cabin Policy with the MNR on ?Crown Lands? so our people can build a camp within all our traditional territories

* Implemented and supported the re-establishment of our Community Trust

* Employed over 40 of our students over the last two summers

* Secured over $1.5 million dollars in project applications and new revenue streams.

* Met with and developed good relationships with government and industry officials through mutual understanding and forward thinking

There are other future projects/strategies that are being worked on right now. Some of these include; Feasibility and planning for a new Economic Development Center, Fuel contract discussions with developer and partner FNs, Community Energy Strategy including our own power generation, development of other community policies and governance, culture & language teachers coming in, development of Environmental Policy, employment and training strategies to work with

projects on the ground, staff development/capacity training, and others.

We have good plans and partners to help us carry them out. Our future potential could be; grocery store, greenhouse foods, woodworking shop, forest harvesting, heavy equipment contracts on projects, restaurant, mining camp, and many other spin off opportunities for Band members.

I continue to work and help as many Band members as I can to live a healthy prosperous life. There is something out there for everyone. Its just a matter of peoples? interests and how they want take part.

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