Brunswick House First Nation was originally known as "Wapiscogamy" House.  We were originally from Missinaibi Lake and hunted and trapped as far south as the Great Lakes and north up to the Moosonee area for 7,000 years. Led by Chief Meshaway, we were a hard working independant people with deep rooted traditions who prospered in fur harvesting. 

Once the Europeans came and treaties were signed this all changed, especially with the new railways coming through our lands and the forming of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve by the Provincial government in 1925. 

For 21 years our people had no land base resulting in rampant poverty, unemployment, and health and social issues.The people roamed from town to town along the railways and many of them suffered from hunger or succumbed to sickness as a result of being unable to provide for themselves as they once did.

Adding to these problems, the displacement of families due to residential schools and the Sixtys Scoop had devastating affects on our people. Many lost their identity and culture and became scattered and unkown to each other.

We have been working towards bringing our community back together. The negative affects of alcohol and substance abuse have made this very difficult. The healing process has started and we hope to reconnect to our language and culture that have been displaced for all our people. We will continue to strive to being the strong, proud and prosperous people we once were

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